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For our first release of 2024, we are excited to announce a popular pattern. Under our Titusville Cutlery brand, here is the Big Easy Cotton Knife in our classic Catalina Wine Mixer Bone handles. These knives feature a 1095 High Carbon blade with long pull. They measure 3 3/4 inches closed, and only 60 were made. Be sure to contact one of our Titusville Cutlery dealers right away if you want to grab one!

2024 Titusville Cutlery Big Easy Cotton Catalina Wine Bone Group

We had an amazing batch of knives for the end of 2023 under our Titusville Cutlery Co. brand, showcasing "Traditional Style Artistry". The popular Old Man Norman pattern is back, but this time with a lambsfoot blade, and a variety of beautiful wood handle materials. These knives are an exclusive release only available through dealer TSA Knives. Contact Erin for more information, or check out their website to see what is available.

*Photo credit - image provided by TSA Knives.

2023 Titusville Old Man Norman TSA Brown Boxelder Group

We also finished out 2023 with a bang in our Napanoch Knife Co. brand. Check out these amazing little Deputy Ranger knives, that measure 3 inches long, and feature a spear blade and saw, and are made bolsterless in a "Shadow" style. Available in blue or brown giraffe bone, Catalina Wine bone, or Ebony wood handles, these are an exclusive release only available through dealer Ole Kentucky Rob. Contact Robert Wells for more information.

2023 Napanoch Deputy Ranger Barehead Gaboon Ebony Ad

Another recent release in our Excelsior line is the a few more examples of the Mola Mola sunfish pattern by knifemaker Chuck Hawes. These 2 knives feature colored Box Elder handles, and River pattern Damascus blades. At 4 3/8 inches long closed, these mammoth knives are an exclusive release only available with dealer TSA Knives. Please contact them if you are interested.

2023 Excelsior Mola Mola Group Boxelder
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The Daniels family have been involved in knives for five generations, from trading, selling, manufacturing, and now distribution. Our goal is to work with knife makers and manufacturers to bring our customers an exclusive line of knives with the highest quality materials.

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