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We are happy to showcase 2 of our dealers with brick-and-mortar store locations where you can see and handle our knives for yourselves. If you are going through either Tennessee or Indiana, be sure to check them out!

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In our latest knife news, we are excited to announce 2 new releases coming out now featuring the beautiful Holy Land Olivewood handles. The first is the popular Tuna Valley Cutlery brand Phoenix Jack pattern, with 154CM steel blades and nickel silver bolsters. The second is a Titusville Cutlery brand Little Man Jack shadow pattern with Easy Open. Only 35 of each was made, and they are available with our dealers now.

2024 Tuna Valley Phoenix Jack Olivewood
2024 Titusville Little Man Jack Shadow Olivewood Easy Open

We are also happy to bring out the final release in the series of exclusive Titusville Cutlery knives for dealer TSA Knives. The Big Easy Cotton Knife in Olympic Blue Giraffe bone is offered in two different varieties; a shadow pattern without bolsters, and the standard cap & bolster style. Only 6 of each were made, and you can find them by visiting the TSA Knives website.

2024 Titusville Big Easy Cotton Olympic Blue Giraffe Bone Group
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Our Story

A brief history of the Daniels family and their passion for traditional cutlery.

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Napanoch Knife Co.

Old World Knives & Tools, made in Titusville, PA.

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Tuna Valley Cutlery Co.

Traditional Knives for Contemporary Collectors, 100% handmade in the USA.

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Titusville Cutlery Co.

Historic knives from a historic town.

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Excelsior Knife Co.

Superior custom knives, crafted by custom makers, all in the USA.

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Little Giant Axe Co.

USA made handmade miniature axes.

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Since 1943

The Daniels family have been involved in knives for five generations, from trading, selling, manufacturing, and now distribution. Our goal is to work with knife makers and manufacturers to bring our customers an exclusive line of knives with the highest quality materials.

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