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Daniels Family Knife Brands Warranty


Thank you for purchasing a product from Daniels Family Knife Brands!


Daniels Family Knife Brands (DFKB) warrants each and every product to be free of defects in both the material and workmanship.  Our products are handmade with the highest quality and care. Many DFKB products utilize natural materials, which may have slight variations in color and texture, and therefore making each piece unique.

DFKB products are not covered against normal wear, or intentional misuse of the product for which it was not designed for. DFKB does not warrant natural handle materials after the use of the product.  Any physical or cosmetic alterations to a DFKB product will void this warranty. Rust is not covered under warranty. All cutlery and products require proper maintenance to retain a defect-free product. DFKB products should be kept clean and dry to prevent rust from developing, along with an occasional oil rub.

DFKB will repair any knife which is considered “flawed”, and for which DFKB is at fault, for the original owner/buyer only. DFKB reserves the right to replace parts with those that are on hand, and not identical to the products original form. DFKB may at its discretion offer a replacement product of similar value to the customer.

If you believe your DFKB product has a manufacturing defect, please either contact the dealer where the product was purchased, or contact DFKB through our website contact form. Please provide contact information, and a detailed description of the product, and the defect.